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In 1998, the law office of Littlepage & Associates was established to serve the legal needs of patients in Maryland and the District of Columbia who had been seriously injured because of the negligence of health care providers. Our clients receive the quality services expected from experienced, knowledgeable Nurse-Attorneys.  As a partner in Maryland Relay, Littlepage & Associates has confirmed its mission to serve the needs of all people.Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney

Littlepage & Associates realizes that injuries from medical negligence frequently cause unexpected financial hardships. Therefore, your initial consultation with the firm is without charge.  Additionally, if your case is accepted, Littlepage & Associates does not charge fees or expenses unless we win your case, and we do not ask clients for an advance to pay expenses.  Thus, there is no financial risk to our clients for pursing the adequate compensation they deserve.

The firm is noted for aggressively fighting for the legal rights of our injured clients. Nationally, most Medical Malpractice cases are lost at trial. However, Littlepage & Associates has consistently settled or won the majority of our cases for significant amounts.

The approach of Littlepage & Associates to managing Medical Malpractice cases involves the coordinated efforts of the attorneys, experienced and degreed paralegals, Board Certified medical experts, and medical and legal researchers. These personnel use a detailed and systematic approach to investigate each case of possible malpractice, ensuring that legitimate cases are pursued to the fullest extent to provide for the needs of all clients. This system has allowed Littlepage & Associates to successfully investigate and resolve thousands of cases.

Recognized and respected as experts in Medical Malpractice, Littlepage & Associates regularly receives referrals from other attorneys, physicians, judges and former clients. Members of the firm have testified before the Maryland State legislature and lobbied the U.S. Congress in areas involving health care, patient rights, medical malpractice, and the limitations imposed by the government on the rights of patients injured because of Medical Malpractice.  Members of the firm have also been instrumental in establishing new law in Maryland, which is regularly followed in legal cases throughout the United States.

With offices located in the Baltimore/Washington area and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Littlepage & Associates has represented clients injured by Medical Malpractice in other jurisdictions, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Alabama, District of Columbia, Utah and Idaho, and is available to participate in cases throughout the United States.  Littlepage & Associates has also successfully pursued Medical Malpractice cases against the governments of the United States, Maryland, and District of Columbia.  If you, or someone you love, has been injured because of the negligence of a health care provider, please contact the experienced legal team of Littlepage & Associates to investigate your case so that your legal rights can be protected. You never need to wonder if the injuries suffered are due to someone's negligence.

For more information, or to discuss your injury caused by Medical Malpractice, please contact us at 410-975-9191 or

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